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  • Bespoke Service

    We offer a complete customised wallpaper design and colour service from single roll or batch production to large scale, print-to-fit wall murals.

    Recent projects include applications for:

    • Hotel
    • Restaurant & bar
    • Retail display & interior
    • TV & film props
    • Office
    • Restoration & Reproduction
    • Designers own brand

    For further information email us.


AVERNUS - GOTHIC GLAM with a twist of the macabre, is not just for Halloween...

Alternatively, ELEGANTIS (see right hand side box) offers a grinning Pirates-of-the-Caribbean charm.

Both wallpapers have an elegant pearlised finish - very effective by candlelight!

Click on either box to see additional colourways available or for custom-colouring contact:


VINTAGE INDEX (see bottom right hand side box) faithfully captures the visual characteristics of this former library index file. Each drawer front measures approximately 150mm wide x 100mm deep.

Once installed, personalise by inviting friends, family and visiting celebrities to autograph the blank index reference on each drawer front.

Each 10 metre roll covers an approximate area of 5 square metres. For confirmation of number of rolls required, send wall dimensions to: